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Are Our Guardian Angels Real?

Your Guardian Angel & YouThe one question that we get asked more frequently than any other is whether Guardian Angels are real. This is unsurprising as, after all, Guardian Angels are not visible and believing in them effectively requires a leap of faith. Here we discuss Guardian Angels, what they are and why your Guardian Angel is always watching over and protecting you, regardless of whether you believe so or not.

Guardian Angels

When one mentions Guardian Angels it’s difficult not to imagine the typical image of a White Winged Angel surrounding in bright light. This is not so surprising given that many regions teach us that each and everyone of us have a Guardian Angel that is with us from birth, with it acting as a protector who guides us through life and comes to our aid in times of difficulty. Such religions may also teach that these spirits visit us through our dreams and thoughts.

However, far from being of a set form, there are all sorts of varying interpretations as to how a Guardian Angel may appear or be felt and it isn’t necessary to be a committed Christian to believe, or be protected, by our Guardian Angels. For some it’s enough just to know that our Angels are looking after us, while others find comfort in Guardian Angel gifts to help remind them.

White feathers: Proof of a visit from your Guardian Angel?

A common thought surrounding Guardian Angels is that finding white feathers signifies a visit from your Guardian Angel. A personal story of a friend of mine involved him finding a white feather in his recently passed mother’s fridge that had previously been cleaned and remained closed and unused. Additionally, other people also report finding white feathers in severe times of need, where they may be going through difficulties.

Signs that are inexplicable

Many people report far less tangible situations where they feel their Guardian Angel is present. This may include a mere feeling, it may involve the receiving of kindness from a stranger or experiencing unexplainable assistance. You, yourself, may have been in a situation where you couldn’t explain the outcome of a set of circumstances, such as experiencing a car crash, where you walked away completely unhurt, despite it being an incredibly dangerous situation.

There really are no hard and fast rules as to the signs of Guardian Angels and by simply being open to the possibility of having a Guardian you may allow yourself to feel your Guardian Angel’s presence.

The choice of believing

You may feel a strong faith in your Guardian Angel, however whilst each and every one of us may choose to believe in Guardian Angels, our faith one way or the other doesn’t affect our ability for them to watch over us.

If you’re unsure as to whether you believe or not then watch our video, where a blind man is saved from traffic by a stranger. It is simple acts such as this that can indicate the presence of your Guardian Angel.

We all have Guardian Angels, whether you choose to believe or not your Guardian will look over and protect you regardless.

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Not All Guardian Angels Have Wings

Many of us might expect our Guardian Angel to be all dressed in white with huge wings, but there is often evidence that someone is looking out for us in the kindness of strangers.

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