Goat Milk Caramels

I, like anyone, have a sweet tooth that the neighbor’s pickles, the orchard apples, the garden vegetables can’t fix. Of course, I make the occasional pie. But when I saw handcrafted adorable goats milk caramels at the nearby cheese shop, I thought I’d give it a try.  

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It turns out it’s really quite simple. Making caramel is basically combining butter, sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, milk, salt, and flavoring when necessary. Making goats milk caramel is the exact same but with goats milk butter and goats milk.  The difference in taste is, by my estimation, negligible. However, I find goats easier to tend than cows and so, goats milk it is!  

Again, a very hot selling item at the orchard. They’re packaged in a variety of ways – some people prefer to pay to have them tied up in brown paper packaging with little red strings. It has a rustic appearance that suggests “I bought this at a FARM you guys!.” And after the first time, they usually come back with their own vessels so they can buy in bulk and package it at home.  


I’ve had a fair number of clients – always women – wanting to go into business with me. They promise me so much, they could get me on Amazon, they could get us in Target stores, they could explode my business. I thank them gingerly, but remind them that my goal is only to sell enough products to maintain myself. I have no need for six figures, I have no need for name recognition, I have no need to be a cog in the NRA- and Breitbard-backed wheel that is Amazon 


Someone recently told me that women have so much potential, why was I choosing not to live up to mine. That making lots of money is an admirable use of potential makes me want to gag – reminds me why I have chosen this life.

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