Goat Milk Soaps

I first saw goats milk soaps while traveling in the south of France and initially cringed at the notion of it. I’ve always had sensitive skin so many traditional soaps cause me to break out or itch. Goats milk soap felt soothing to my skin while cleansing and I never experienced any reaction thereafter.  

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Goats milk soaps contains lactic acids to help remove dead skin cells from the surface without relying on harsh exfoliators that also remove healthy skin cells. This makes my skin look brighter and younger without irritating. It contains Vitamin A to promote the growth and maintenance of healthy skin – it helps keep me free of blemishes and psoriasis without requiring toners and tonics and expensive skincare treatments. The cream in the goats milk moisturizes. The selenium prevents sun damage. And finally, I like knowing the goats from whom the milk came which is nourishing my skin. I nourish the goat, the goat nourishes me. We have a nice relationship – nicer than many I have maintained with human beings in my life.  

And needless to say, the urban tourists in town to shop and giggle at our quaintness buy this shit by the pound. They clamor on about how it’ll make great holiday gifts, so niche, and buy one in each scent for a 400% markup and then stop by Sephora to spend hundreds on skincare regimens that can’t hold a candle.

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