Off the Grid and Low Energy

One element about living off the grid that appeals to me is the low energy usage required of my lifestyle. Even when I’m making candles or soap, I aim to do so using as little energy as possible. I do all of my work by daylight rather than using energy; I compost all of my food scraps and waste and use a hand crank compost bin; I have worm bins; I gather water whenever possible from a nearby stream; and I refuse to use any products that contribute to plastic waste on earth.
It’s a very complicated way to live, it’s not for everyone, but when this world goes up in flames I will be happy to know how little I contributed to it. Human caused climate change is so wild to me – this god-complex of humanity thinking that we can use up all of her resources and then just invent new ones or change her to fit our needs. The blatant disrespect for the earth is shameful!

There is, of course, more of an onus on corporations than individuals but I don’t have any vested interest or control over a corporation and I’m certainly not going to spend my days lobbying our broken government to enforce stricter anti-pollution and responsible energy use laws for large corporation. I will, instead, craft a life dedicated to caring for my self and my immediate environment. Thinking small works for me.

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