Learning is hard, y’all

One thing about being a recluse that I didn’t necessarily anticipate is how much applicable learning there is – how to spend time, how to plant seeds, how to tend a garden, how to stay busy, etc leaving almost no time for theoretical learning. I can’t remember the last time I learned a skill or trade that wasn’t immediately applicable and I miss the feeling of theoretical learning – learning something just to know it.  

I was never very strong in Math, it was something that plagued me during my childhood. I’d bring home high marks and great essays from English class, I’d speak French almost fluently at home, and I had a fair grasp on American History and Government. But my low marks in Math were the topic of discussion at every family dinner, on every report card day, and at every parent teacher conference.  

No longer accepting such things about myself, I have decided to relearn math. I am starting slow, by using some online resources. I literally spent an hour this morning on an equivalent fractions worksheet that really should have taken me about ten minutes. But I want to start slow, I want to work through frustration, and I want to prove what I’ve always known: I’m smart enough to learn math, I just didn’t have the interest.   

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