The Chickens

Of course, can’t have goats without the chickens. My yard sounds like a bloodbath!  


Luckily, the goats and chickens are friends, they each have their own space but they spend most of their time occupying the same space. The only true separation is their food – the chickens have a small coop that the goats cannot fit into where their food is kept; and the goats hay is kept separate and parceled out as appropriate.  


The feeding coop also features spaces for the chickens to coop, like me some of them need their own time without the goats’ company, so they have a nice little shelter. And the goats seem to do just fine in the fenced yard. The fence is up more to keep them away from the vegetable and herb gardens than to sequester them or me in the yard. I’m like the dixie chicks, I need wide open spaces!  


I haven’t had any instances of shared illness or disease between the goats and chickens – yet – although I understand it to be an issue to be aware of. Luckily, a nearby friend is a retired veterinarian and does house calls for close friends and neighbors.  


I live, in large part, on eggs from my chickens. I also use them as host gifts when I visit friends.

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