Lots of folks asking what I do for fun, for entertainment, to stay busy.  

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Well maintaining a lifestyle like mine requires hours and hours a day of simple life and home maintenance and that feels good to me. If I want to eat eggs, I must tend the chickens. If I want to eat vegetables, I must tend the garden. If I want to bake a pie next week, I must collect the fruits today. If I want to earn an income, albeit a small one, I must create things to sell – that requires procuring wax, milking goats, tending to the herb garden. Nothing happens automatically, nothing is delivered to me, and nothing is one-step.  


One reason I was so sick of modern urban life was the immediacy of everything – one-day delivery of things I didn’t need in one day, fast food DELIVERY, hiring out tasks simply because I didn’t have time to do them or learn to do them, taking a train for an hour to travel six miles. I understand the appeal, I don’t disparage anyone who chooses to live this way. 


I have no lack of entertainment, I have a local library that rents me any book I could ever need, they carry DVDs, books, audiobooks, etc. I’m entertained but often so tired from maintaining my life that I sleep readily, without Netflix or Spotify.

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